A Residential Concrete Mudjacking Service Can Raise The Sunken Slab Under Your Shed

If the concrete slab under your shed is starting to sink, you may be looking for solutions. You probably don't want to tear the shed and pad out to fix the base, so you may want to have residential concrete mudjacking services. The mudjacking contractor can work through the top of the slab, and you won't have to tear down your shed. Here's how concrete mudjacking works.

Mudjacking Is A Type Of Concrete Lifting

Mudjacking works by lifting the sunken area of a concrete slab until it's level again. This is possible because a mud-like mixture is pumped underneath the slab through holes drilled in the top of the concrete. As the area under the slab is filled with the mud mixture, the concrete rises. This is a controlled process so the slab rises slowly and to the right level.

The Lifting Mixture Fills Voids And Hardens

Concrete slabs often sink because the soil underneath the slab is washed away due to poor drainage. This causes a void under the slab that lets the concrete sag. Concrete mudjacking pumps the mud mixture into the void so the soil is stable again. The mixture hardens to become a sturdy support structure that holds the slab in place so it won't sink again.

The Access Holes Are Sealed Afterward

Once the slab is level, the contractor fills and seals the access holes used to pump in the mud mixture. The slab will have one or more holes depending on how the contractor approaches the work. When the holes are filled, the filler will have a slightly different color than the old concrete, but that shouldn't be a problem in an outdoor shed. If the color difference bothers you, talk to the contractor about options for camouflaging the holes that might include coating or staining the concrete.

Mudjacking Can Be Used For Many Purposes

Residential concrete mudjacking services include lifting driveways, foundations, porch steps, sidewalks, and any slabs you have on your property. The work goes fast, isn't too disruptive, and is precise. The raised area is checked with a level to make sure the sunken area is lifted to the exact point that makes the slab level.

Mudjacking is also a more convenient way to deal with sunken concrete, so it's worth hiring a contractor to lift a slab. Otherwise, you would have to break up the concrete, haul it off, add soil and compact it, and then pour a new slab. That's a time-consuming process that's also a lot of work. With mudjacking, the slab can be lifted in a single afternoon with little disruption to your property and routine. 

For more information about residential concrete mudjacking, contact a local concrete contractor.