Old Concrete Driveway? Restore It Instead Of Replacing It

If your concrete driveway is old, you should consider hiring a concrete restoration service. This is much less expensive than replacing the driveway and this service can get your driveway looking new again. Below is information about what concrete restoration is, as well as different types of restoration that can be used and the benefits of choosing this.

Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration restores your driveway to the way it looked when it was brand new. If you have cracks on your driveway, they will be filled in and the surface will be sealed and buffed so the filler will not be seen. No one would ever know you had cracks that were repaired. 

Concrete Restoration Options

Another option is a concrete overlay. This is a decorative option that covers the entire driveway to make it look completely new and different. This also puts a new finish on the driveway that covers damage, such as stains, cracks, and other imperfections. The overlay also makes the driveway much more durable, and it bonds with the concrete already there. This means it will be very hard to damage the concrete, such as cracks, peels, or chips. 

You can also stain or finish the concrete which works much like the overlay in a variety of colors. If you want the driveway to look completely different, you can have them put a finish on it that looks like cobblestone, flagstone, and more. 

If your concrete is not damaged in any way but has only faded and lost its luster, the concrete restoration service can restore the service using real cement. They roll the cement on the driveway like paint. The original design will be the same but will look new when they are finished.

Benefits of Concrete Restoration

Besides not having to replace the driveway, there are more benefits of concrete restoration. One, your driveway will last much longer if you have it restored, which can save you money. This is because once it is restored it will not deteriorate and will not get damaged. 

Restoring the concrete also saves you a lot of time. It can take days to install a new driveway, but the restoration process may only take a day or two. This means you will have access to your driveway much sooner. 

If your driveway is connected to your home, restoring it will prevent damage that may happen to your home if the driveway is not stable. 

Talk with the concrete restoration service and they can give you much more information on how this process works.