Concrete Leveling Eliminates Trip Hazards On Your Property

If you have sunken concrete on your property that's near your entry, on your patio, or on a pool deck, you should find a way to repair the problem to keep someone from tripping and getting hurt. You probably won't need to replace the concrete since it's often possible to raise the sunken area through mud jacking. Mud jacking is a method of concrete leveling that can be much cheaper and less disruptive than replacing a concrete slab. This is how it works.

The Concrete Leveling Material Is Made From Cement

The material used to level the concrete looks like mud, but it's made from cement. Each company may have its own exact recipe, such as adding limestone, but mud jacking is basically pumping a cement slurry under the sunken slab to raise it.

The Slurry Fills Voids In The Base

A concrete slab usually sinks when a void forms in the soil. This might happen when moles or rats dig tunnels under the concrete or when poor drainage washes soil away. The slab then sinks into the void. When the cement mixture is pumped under the concrete, it fills the void and lifts the slab until it's level again. The slab stays lifted because the void is now filled with cement.

Holes Are Needed To Complete The Job

Concrete leveling isn't destructive, but it does require holes to be drilled in the slab. The holes are small, but they might be noticeable once the work is complete and the holes are filled. The holes are necessary since the cement slurry is pumped in through a hose and nozzle that's inserted in a hole.

Mud Jacking Is Precision Concrete Leveling

Your concrete leveling contractor may use a level on the surface of the slab to ensure the concrete is raised enough, but not too much, so it is completely level with the surrounding concrete. Precision work is essential or you may not eliminate the trip hazard you want to get rid of.

You Can Walk On The Leveled Surface Right Away

You'll be able to use your entryway or patio as soon as the concrete leveling work is done since the wet mixture is under the concrete slab and it hardens quickly. Although it's easy to put off calling a contractor to repair the sunken concrete, it is important to keep the walking surfaces on your property in good repair so you don't cause someone to get hurt through neglect and leave yourself open to a lawsuit or insurance claim. Plus, concrete leveling goes pretty fast, so the contractor won't be in your way for too long.