5 Reasons To Hire A Licensed And Insured Concrete Contractor

Whether you want to do construction, repair, or a remodel project, you will need a lot of measurements and calculations. However, the technicalities involved in concrete projects leave little to no room for errors. So, work with a licensed and insured concrete contractor to enjoy the benefits below.

1. To Get the Appropriate Expertise

Concrete projects usually call for different expertise for a perfect outcome. Therefore, you need a concrete contractor who can effectively perform these tasks:

  • Mix concrete. An expert must measure the right amount of water and cement to achieve specific consistency for different situations.

  • Pour concrete. A work area must receive adequate preparation to cover subgrade compaction and steel foundations before the workers pour concrete. A concrete contractor provides guidelines on the ideal surface preparation methods.

  • Repair concrete. Different damage requires certain types of concrete repair options. Since many concrete repair products are available, a licensed concrete contractor guides you on the most appropriate choice.

  • Level concrete. A concrete expert must be well trained to level services correctly to avoid water puddles once the project is complete.

A license proves that the concrete contractor has the skills and experience to perform all tasks with the right tools. 

2. To Get Contract Protection

License and insurance offer worksite protection that is crucial during accidents. Therefore, you are guaranteed that you won't be liable for injuries workers suffer at your project site. For instance, if a worker gets severe injuries, the right insurance covers the worker's medical care. Besides, insurance protects you and the contractor financially when an unfortunate incident happens.

3. To Build Trust

A license is one of the first signs that the concrete contractor meets the necessary qualifications. The documents prove ample coverage for the concrete contractor and other subcontractors. A license also means the contractor meets legal rules. So, you won't have to worry about a project being shut down.

4. To Lessen Risk

A license and insurance show that the concrete contractor is ready to be accountable for work. So you avoid the risk of incomplete services and substandard work. A licensed concrete contractor also has a name and reputation to protect and will offer the best in every job.

5. To Get a Warranty

Unfortunately, you can't blame anyone if your concrete project doesn't turn out well. Nonetheless, licensed contractors usually provide warranties. So, if any issues arise from the construction, a licensed concrete contractor fixes the problems free of charge. Finally, a warrant proves that the concrete contractor is confident in their work output.


A concrete contractor ensures that your project is in safe hands. Even though mistakes happen, you are guaranteed a suitable resolution. Also, you won't incur more than what you should have due to costly errors or breaches of contracts.