An Overview Of Egress Windows

Securing one's home and keeping out the horrors of society is often most people's priority. However, in cases of emergency, it is essential to have a place you can easily exist the house. Egress windows are large, energy-efficient windows that often open into balconies providing your home with secondary exists. They give you safe and quick access to the exterior or interior of your house during emergencies. These windows are primarily installed in basements. They are a legal requirement for those considering turning their basements into living spaces. 

Types of egress windows

They have three primary categories: casement, sliding, and double-hung windows. Here's an overview of these types. 

Casement windows 

They are attached to frames using hinges on one of their sides. Their vertically hung sash swing when opening or closing. You can install casement windows as a single unit or in pairs. Casement windows are often custom-made and highly adjustable, allowing you to get a design that perfectly complements your home. They enhance privacy as they only allow light into your property and prevent outsiders from viewing the interior of your house.

Sliding windows

These windows contain panels that slide from side to side when opening and closing. They are available in vertical and horizontal sliding options. With sliding windows, you don't have to worry about insufficient air supply. Their design allows them to open fully, enhancing your home's ventilation. 

Double-hung windows 

Their main features are two operable sashes that move up and down when opening and closing. Double-hung windows are easy to clean and available in various designs, giving you a wide range of options. These windows are easy and safe to use; hence you can install them on a house with kids.

Advantages of egress windows 

They increase your property's value. Installing egress windows allows you to create extra space in your home by turning the basement into a bedroom or a living room. These modifications will increase your house's market value if you lease or sell it. Egress windows' large structure allows more sunlight and air into the room. These changes can transform your basement from a scary room to an appealing convenient space. The availability of egress windows in various designs allows you to give your home an appealing look. 


Most people prioritize the safety of their families over anything else. Egress windows ensure your family is safe and upgrades your home's appearance and aesthetic appeal. Contact a professional today to learn more about Egress windows, their security features, and have them appropriately installed on your property.