How Concrete Epoxy Crack Repair Can Fill A Crack In Your Slab Or Foundation

It's important to fill cracks in concrete so the cracks don't spread or get wider. Plus, if the crack is on a slab, it could be a trip hazard. A common way to fill cracks is to inject epoxy filler in the crack, and you'll probably need to hire a concrete contractor to do the repairs for you. A concrete epoxy crack repair can be done on slab floors and concrete walls. Here's how it's done. 

The Crack Needs To Be Free Of Dust And Debris

Before the contractor goes to work repairing the crack, they need to make sure the crack is suitable for epoxy crack repair. Also, they need to choose the right product to use based on if the crack is horizontal or vertical and how wide it is.

The concrete contractor may start by cleaning the crack with a wire brush or other tool that will break off tiny bits of loose concrete. The crack then needs to be cleaned out to get rid of all the dirt and concrete dust. This is easy to do with compressed air. When the area is clean, it's time to start work with the epoxy.

Epoxy Is Spread Over The Crack

The contractor might start the repairs by spreading epoxy over the surface of the crack. They'll leave gaps at regular intervals where no epoxy is applied so the injection ports can be pushed into the crack. Epoxy injection is a popular choice for concrete crack repair because epoxy dries into a hard material and isn't damaged by water that might try to leak through the crack.

The Epoxy Is Injected In The Crack

Ports are injected at intervals along the crack and the epoxy that was spread over the surface of the crack has to dry first, and then epoxy can be injected into the ports. This method is used because the injection gets the epoxy all the way to the back of the crack while the dried epoxy on the surface keeps it from leaking out the top.

The contractor injects the epoxy in the bottom port and works their way up. They know when to move to the next port when they see epoxy start to back up the port as a sign that the crack is full.

Sand The Crack

Once the injections are done, the ports can be removed or broken off. Then the surface of the crack is sanded to make it smooth. Sanding also makes the concrete epoxy crack repair almost invisible.

Contact a local concrete epoxy crack repair service to learn more.