Installing A New Concrete Driveway? How This Works And How To Make The Driveway Beautiful

If you are having a new concrete driveway installed, it can be helpful to know how this is done. This way you will know what to expect. Below is information about this, as well as the options you have to make your new concrete driveway look beautiful.  

Concrete Driveway Installation

The concrete contractor will test the soil to make sure it will hold up well to heavy concrete. They generally contact the extension office for your county to determine this. They will come out and do a survey of the soil and then provide the contractor with a report. If the soil is suitable, they will continue with the process. If the soil is not suitable, changes will be made to allow the soil to hold up. For example, if you have clay, soil additives can be added to make the soil stronger. 

The contractor determines if there are underground utilities where they plan to pour the concrete. If found, the utilities will have to be moved or you will have to choose another area for your new driveway. If you are replacing a driveway, this is generally not a problem. The contractor will check to see if permits and/or codes are required for the new driveway. The concrete contractor will then give you an estimate of what it will cost you for your new driveway. 

If you decide to have the driveway installed, the contractor uses strings and stakes to mark the area where the concrete will be poured. If needed, vegetation, topsoil, and sod are removed. The base is then poured and compacted. Rebar and forms are then placed to reinforce the concrete. This will also make the driveway more durable and less prone to cracking. The concrete is then poured for your new driveway. 

Make the Driveway Look Beautiful

Instead of having standard gray concrete, you can ask the concrete contractor to add color to the concrete mix. There are many colors to choose from so you can match your driveway to your home, landscaping, and more. Make sure you tell the contractor that you want to do this because they add a color mix before they start mixing the concrete. 

You can also use stamps to decorate the driveway. There are a variety of stamps available in different sizes and designs. The contractor will need to stamp your driveway before it dries so more than one person will do this if you have a large driveway. 

The contractor that you hire can give you much more information about installing your new concrete driveway.

Contact a local residential concrete driveway service to learn more.