Understanding Your Parking Lot’s Asphalt Overlay Repair Journey

Picture your worn-out, pot-holed parking lot evolving into a pristine, smooth surface through the magic of asphalt overlay repair. But what does this process look like? As the owner of a commercial building, understanding these steps will help you appreciate the effort and expertise that goes into crafting an impressive parking lot that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Understanding the Need: The Indispensable Damage Evaluation

The first step involves assessing the parking lot for damage. Your contractor is more than just looking at the visible, superficial issues. They dig deeper, looking at underlying issues such as foundation problems that could negatively impact the overlay's longevity. This thorough evaluation provides a roadmap for the rest of the repair process.

Getting Ready: The Site Preparation Process

Now comes the preparation phase. Here, your contractor goes about cleaning the entire area. This step is essential for removing loose debris and addressing oil stains seeping into your asphalt. It's vital because any remaining dirt, dust, or oil could compromise the adhesion of the new asphalt layer, so meticulous cleaning sets the stage for a successful overlay job.

Addressing the Issues: Repairing Existing Damage

With the area ready, your contractor moves to the repair stage, which involves fixing visible potholes or cracks and repairing any structural deficiencies identified during the initial assessment. It's all about creating a solid base for the new asphalt layer.

Laying the Foundation: The Primer Coat Application

Next, a primer coat is applied to the existing asphalt surface. This tack coat, as it's commonly called, is like the glue that binds the new asphalt layer to the existing surface. It ensures a strong bond between the two layers, boosting the strength and durability of the finished product. Without this essential step, the overlay could separate from the existing surface over time.

The Transformation: Applying the Asphalt Overlay

Next comes the main event. Your contractor applies a fresh layer of hot mix asphalt over the prepared surface. They use specialized equipment to spread the asphalt evenly, ensuring a smooth and level surface. Then, they compact it to further enhance its durability. The thickness of the overlay will depend on the existing surface and the expected load on the parking lot.

Sealing the Deal: The Final Touches

Finally, your contractor doesn't just pack up and leave as soon as the asphalt is laid. Instead, they go about installing finishing touches such as line striping, if required, and applying a sealcoat to protect your newly overlaid parking lot from elements like water, oil, and UV damage. 

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