A Coating Makes Your Garage Floor More Attractive

Garage floors can get ugly over the years due to oil stains, dirt, and neglect. Whether you want to use your garage for a hobby area or you just wish your garage was a more attractive place for parking your cars, consider having a coating applied. A coating might even make your property more valuable and appealing to future buyers. Here are reasons to consider a coating for your old garage floor. Read More 

Concrete Leveling Eliminates Trip Hazards On Your Property

If you have sunken concrete on your property that's near your entry, on your patio, or on a pool deck, you should find a way to repair the problem to keep someone from tripping and getting hurt. You probably won't need to replace the concrete since it's often possible to raise the sunken area through mud jacking. Mud jacking is a method of concrete leveling that can be much cheaper and less disruptive than replacing a concrete slab. Read More 

Optimizing The Safety Of Your Parking Lot

One element of owning and operating a business that can sometimes be overlooked is the parking lot. Operating a safe parking lot comes with both maintenance and design. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you maintain a parking lot in good condition that is safe for your customers to use without concern. Hire a Professional Parking Lot Maintenance Company Chances are, you don't have the knowledge or equipment needed to properly maintain a parking lot. Read More 

Transform Your Garage Floor By Adding A Decorative Concrete Overlay

If you're fixing up your garage so you can use it for a home gym or other purposes besides parking your car, you may be wondering what to do about the floor. If your current floor is pitted, stained, and cracked, it may look too unattractive to keep in its current form. A solution to consider is having a concrete contractor add an overlay to the garage floor and then finishing the floor with a decorative option. Read More 

Parking Lot Care: Can You Repair the Cracks in Your Lot?

If your customers complain about the small cracks in your asphalt parking lot, do something about it soon. Your parking lot could have fatigue cracks in it. Learn more about fatigue cracks, including how to repair and prevent them, below. What Are Fatigue Cracks? Fatigue cracks, also known as alligator cracks and web cracks, generally show up in pavement with inadequate structural support. Pavement that suffers from inadequate structural support is too weak, thin, or damp to support or carry heavy loads for long periods of time. Read More